Yes, there are a few sites that can be used for this. These sites will allow you to go online and buy, preventing your local IP address from being detected. www.hidemyass.com and www.unblock-us.com are just two sites to mention.
You can use your domestic/international credit card for shopping online however there are always security risks. There are malicious users (cybercriminals) just waiting for the opportunity to strike. We suggest that you apply for a separate credit card with a restricted limit for your online shopping in the event the card is compromised.
IBC Express can return any damaged or defective items you ordered online directly back to your supplier. There are restrictions, please contact our office for further information
USPS marks your item as delivered when it reaches the last post office before it is actually delivered to our warehouse. Although their update is misleading, you can be assured that USPS will actually drop off your package to us within 3-5 working days of receipt at their final office.
Generally this requires no action on your part since they will attempt redelivery within 3-5 working days. You can rest easy. We’ll get your package to you. IBC’s office/facility is open from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday – Saturday.
IBC’s standard delivery service is to deliver free of charge to your office/home address. IBC will make two (2) attempts to deliver your packages between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. If no one is available to receive your packages, a note will be left to advise you of a failed delivery attempt. Your packages will then be brought back to IBC’s facility where you may collect or make arrangements to have the packages redelivered.
Redeliver fee is $35.00 TT
There is no charge to collect however there will be a storage fees of $10.00 TT for EACH day per shipment until collected.
The ZIPX Pre-Alert is a new feature that is designed to monitor and process your shipments faster.

EXAMPLE: On receipt of confirmation of your order being shipped from your supplier/vendor, you are required to update our pre-alert via our website www.zipxtrinidad.com under the heading PRE-ALERT. This provides IBC Miami with your shipment information prior to receiving it and allows faster processing of your shipment.

This added feature alerts and provides IBC with vital information about your shipment prior to its arrival at our facility in Miami and allows faster processing of you shipment.
ZipX is a service that lets you have a physical address in the United States (USA). Most of the US companies that sell through the Internet, telephone or catalog make deliveries within the US only. ZipX gives you a physical address in Miami, Florida where you can receive your purchases within the US. Once your goods / purchases are received at your ZipX US address, IBC will take care of all the steps, necessary to deliver to you at your doorstep.


Standard Protection

ZipX protection is an exclusive service that provides insurance protection on all items shipped via air in case of loss or physical damage. This protection applies to all items, protecting them from their arrival at our Miami warehouse until receipt by you the customer. This ZipX standard protection will provide coverage for the declared value and freight charges for items up to $100 USD for a small fee of $2.00 USD.

Full Protection

Protection for items valued over USD $100.00, is an additional service and must be requested prior to the item/s arriving at our Miami warehouse. A copy of the supplier’s invoice must accompany your request, detailing the item/s with the total value. For further information you can contact us at customerservice@ibcexpress.com or call 675-7766.

Insurance will only apply if requested before your item/s arrive at our facility in the Miami. Should your request for added protection be received after the items have arrived or shipped out of the Miami warehouse, your request will be disregarded.

Televisions, monitors, scanners, glass items, porcelain, ceramics, cast iron or concrete products will only be protected up to USD $100.00 with our standard protection. For insurance over the USD $100.00 on these items you will have make the necessary arrangements with a local Insurance company in Trinidad.

U.S. address service freight charges are based on actual weight of the package and not dimensional size. U.K. address service freight charges are based on the dimensional size or actual weight which ever is greater. U.K. packages actual weight cannot exceed more than 70 lbs per package and 36 inches x 36 inches x 36 inches in dimensional size. ( See how to calculate dimensional weight see next line below ) You can ship as many package as you want at that actual weight and dimensional size from the U.K.
Currently the Dimensional Weight is calculated by dividing the shipment volume in inches by 166, that is, Length x Width x Height / 166.
If you have any issue with the delivery of your package please contact us by email at customerservice@ibcexpress.com or call our local office in Trinidad at 675-7766 and one of our IBC customer service agents will gladly assist you with your inquiry.
Yes, you could call or track your package online for this information. Click Here to Track your Package.
Yes, we will receive packages at our Miami receiving facility from any domestic or international courier company.
If you do not require IBC’s standard service of delivery, you can send a request for your packages to be held for collection at our facility. This request must be sent via email to customerservice@ibcexpress.com before 3.00 pm the day before delivery.
  • Storage fee of $10.00 TT for EACH day PER shipment if not collected 24 hours after the arrival date.
  • There is no limit for the amount of purchases you can buy through the Internet.
    You can provide the telephone number of our IBC facility in Miami 305-591-8080.
    Yes, a request for your package to be delivered to an alternate address other than the registered office/home address on your file can be arranged through email.

    There is no charge associated with a permanent change of address. IBC must be notified of the change of delivery address via email to customerservice@ibcexpress.com

    No, ZipX rates only comprise of freight charges only.
    Customs Duty, Online Purchase Tax and VAT are accessed by Customs & Excise based on the type of goods/commodity and will be payable to IBC upon collection or delivery of your packages. As part of our value added services, IBC will clear the packages through Customs & Excise and pay the duty, Online Purchase Tax and VAT on your behalf.
    Any type of goods/commodity that are not considered prohibited/restricted.Click here to see Prohibited/ Restricted Items and Hazmat- Dangerous Goods
    Hazmat Materials are defined as any item once transported by air can become dangerous. They may include common everyday items we use around the home, work place or in everyday life. They may seem harmless but in flight variations of temperature and / or pressure may cause them to leak, generate toxic fumes or start a fire by spontaneous combustion. THE LAW …It is the federal law under Hazardous Materials Regulations (49 CFR parts 171 -180) and strictly enforced by both the TSA and FAA authorities of the United States and can carry a maximum penalties of $25,000 – $500,000 and / or 5 years in prison for each violation. Everyday items include:
  • All colognes
  • Perfumes
  • Aerosols
  • Paints,
  • Spray cans,
  • Oxygen or scuba tanks,
  • Propane tanks,
  • Self inflating rafts,
  • CO 2 canisters,
  • Mace,
  • Pepper spray,
  • Tear gas.
  • Prohibited/restricted items will be put on hold in Miami and will not be sent until we receive further instructions from you and all appropriate paper work has been filed and fees paid. Please note that shipping hazardous materials correctly is an expensive proposition. If in doubt, please contact us before ordering such items. The following is a list of prohibited/restricted items: -
  • Human remains, including ashes
  • Animals dead or alive (fish, birds, insects and animal skins)
  • Antiques (breakable and/or fragile)
  • Asbestos
  • Bodily fluids and tissues (saliva, blood… etc)
  • Firearms and parts, ammunition, explosives and weapons of any kind
  • Fireworks
  • Furs
  • Hazardous or combustible material (as defined in IATA Regulations)
  • Illegal goods
  • Bullion (of any precious metal)
  • Negotiable instruments in Bearer form (this is cash like)
  • Items which could be used as weapons
  • Insects/Larva /Pupae etc
  • Ivory
  • Jewelry, precious metals and stones (diamonds etc)
  • Military equipment and apparel (camouflage)
  • Narcotics (illegal)
  • Dangerous Goods (Aerosols, perfumes, pressurized cans, flammable liquids… etc)
  • Perishable items (Food, plants, etc)
  • Plants/seeds
  • Pornography (videos, DVDs, magazines, adult toys)
  • Currency (cash/money orders/stamps)
  • Honey
  • Camouflage Clothes
  • Alcohol (Any item with alcohol ingredients)
  • Wet-Cell Batteries
  • Lighters & Matches
  • Swords
  • It is the shipper’s responsibility to comply with current government regulations or laws applicable in each country. Shipments are subject to inspection and possible delays by Customs officials or representative of other government agencies.

    Certain countries have additional items that are either prohibited or have restrictions for shipments. For more information you are required to verify with the relevant government agencies in your country.

    Any shipment that has not been accepted or claimed by the consignee or is undeliverable due to error or omission on the part of the shipper, consignee, or for which no disposition instructions have been provided within the 30 days of its arrival shall be considered unclaimed/abandoned.
    Shipments will also be deemed unclaimed/abandoned unless IBC Express has been instructed in writing to hold all shipments at its location for pick-up.
    IBC Express may dispose of or sell by public or private sale or discard any unclaimed/abandoned packages at its sole discretion.
    On July 1st, 2019 The Customs and Excise Division has implemented a compulsory $10 TTD fee for every waybill/shipment being processed through Customs.
    We would like to offer this convenience to all our customers. However, due to the potential risks, we are unable to deliver in the areas below.
    We invite customers in thies areas to contact us for alternative delivery arrangements.

    Central / South
    Cocorite / Diego Martin
    Powder Magazine
    Water Hole Cocorite
    Blue Basin
    Duke Street East
    Picadilly Street East
    Block 22
    Eastern Quarry
    John John / Picton
    Laventille Rd.
    Prizger Lands
    St. Barb's
    Trou Macaque
    Upper Pashley St.
    Beetharn Gardens
    Mon Repos
    Never Dirty
    Paradise Heights
    Red Hill
    Romain Land
    St. James
    Dundonald Hill
    Niles Street
    Upper Bournes Road "Coco"